Chapter 3.0 from "Study Circles for Divinity"
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"Take a vow to develop the Sai Organisation day by day. Take all the people within the fold. People who have gone away from this Organisation are the unfortunate ones; you should not become unfortunate. Come what may, do not give up the Organisation, consider this Organisation as your life's breath. This is a real penance. Take a vow on these lines to become experts. This is what I desire. Swami will be with you in whatever you are doing." (5th World Conference)

The Sai Organisation is unique in the world. The Office Bearers do not have any legal authority; pay all of their own travel expenses; hold their position for only two years; do not ask for or collect money (from devotees or the general public); come from all faiths, races and cultures and have respect for all religions; move into their position after being selected rather than elected; believe that the teachings of Lord Sathya Sai Baba are absolute Truth; and are committed to the ideal of a life of selfless service.

While there are resolutions, directives, admonishments down the hierarchy, the teachings of Lord Sai indicate clearly that this is a temporary, although necessary, phase - He likens the rules and regulations to that of a fence placed around a young tree until it is strong enough to stand alone. When the Office Bearers and Members of the Sai Organisation have developed greater self-discipline (over the mind and senses) and are more focused on the Reality of Oneness, the rules and regulations will be outgrown and will be irrelevant. When we are listening to the Inner Voice of God (our conscience), and acting according to its dictates, we will be following the Higher Law - our Dharma.

flock of birds wheeling, climbing and diving this way and that in the sky do not have an obvious leader; there is no

measurable set of rules and regulations that are being followed as they move together in exquisite harmony. The same leader lies within them all, and the sense of order is defined every moment by Him, the Inner Guide within each individual bird. This is, of course, the same Leader and Guide within every leaf, animal, grain of sand, particle of air and living cell. Lord Sai has said, "God is in every cell as life. God is in every atom as activity".

The more we "crucify our ego on the cross of compassion", realising that we are all cells in the one body of humanity, the more we will be able to think, speak, and act like one body, like the flock of birds soaring up into the vast blue sky. Imagine such an organisation - no jostling for position, power and prestige; the least able feeling as important and necessary as the most able; a world-wide body of gentle, fearless, God-loving and God-fearing people, who are ever on hand to help the needy, console the grieving, calm the turmoil. Just imagine!

What then of leadership in the Sai Organisation?

Are we to abandon the call to take the lead, to inspire, to urge and even command? We can see from the Divine quotes that follow in this chapter that what will emerge is a new type of leader. The role model is of course Lord Sri Sathya Sai Baba. He leads, commands, inspires, but does not insist that we follow. He urges, reasons, extols, invites, beckons, encourages yet remains in total Love and Bliss when we turn away. He has infinite patience and compassion, and gives all of His time to His followers. He is our servant - He serves those who would serve Him.

The transformations that take place in each individual who stays in the Sai Organisation are truly remarkable. Just look at what seems to happen: we come together to pray, study, and do service with many people who are friendly, respectful, agreeable; but there are others who seem selfish, angry, rigid and grating. Lord Sai urges us to see the latter group as our teachers - they are the mirrors in which we see our reflections. The task is made easier because each of the protagonists has access to the teachings of perfect Truth; each is endeavouring to see the faults of others as minute and their own as gigantic; and each one knows that Lord Sathya Sai Baba is the director of the world play and that He is dressed in disguise as this uncomfortable person we are having to deal with. What could be more perfect? He calls each individual Sai devotee to follow Him, then places them in the company of those who will teach them by example, by mirror-reflection, and by the transforming power of love.

As we study the teachings of Lord Sai in the following sections, we will be led into a growing realisation that we, the Members and Office Bearers of the Sai Organisation, are witnessing the birth of a new organisational blueprint. In times to come, the Sai Organisation will be the example that other organisations will seek to follow - whether they are business, charitable, government, religious, health or educational organisations. Until that time comes, we have the blessed experience of being close to our Baba, our Swami, through the Organisation.

We are profoundly influenced by fellow-seekers after Truth as we come together weekly, fortnightly or more often to share our devotion to God and our commitment to realisation of the Self. We have immediate access to His teachings, His latest advice through personal interviews with ourselves or others in our Group, Centre or Region. There are so many rewards in being part of the Sai Organisation. Such amazing Grace!

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