Study Circles for Divinity Volume 2 - Free Download

circle2Sathya Sai Baba signed a copy of the original ‘Study Circles for Divinity’ during an interview including the present compilers, Dr Ross Woodward and Dr Ron and Suwanti Farmer. The three of them took that to mean that the book had been blessed as a valuable resource tool for understanding Sai’s teachings. Since that signal day in 1998 many individuals and groups have applied themselves earnestly to studying the material provided in that first volume. So committed has been their endeavours that, over the years, many Sai Groups and centres diligently worked through each one of the chapters two and even three times, and have been enquiring if further topics will be made available in a second volume of ‘Study Circles for Divinity’.

As readers will see from the contents page we have selected 45 new topics for the present volume, bringing the total to 90 over both volumes.

Volume 2 will not be published at this stage in hard copy but, along with the first volume , is freely available for reading and download on this website (see below for links).

           The first three sections are now available, others will follow. In PDF for downloadd or print

In bringing together this present volume the compilers are grateful for having been granted the opportunity to immerse themselves once more in the vast nectarine ocean of wisdom sayings from Sathya Sai Baba.