Chapter 3.3 from "Study Circles for Divinity"
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"Rules are necessary until the members realise the spiritual unity of all. When they become incapable of inflicting harm or transgressing the moral code, rules become superfluous." Baba


1. Treat as sacred, the land in which you were born. Have patriotism to your nation - but do not criticise other nations or put others down. Not even in your thoughts or dreams should you think of bringing grief to your country.

2. Respect all religions equally.

3. Recognise the brotherhood of man and treat all as brother. Love all.

4. Keep your house and surroundings clean for this will promote hygiene and health and help you.

5. Practise charity, but do not encourage beggars by giving money. Provide them with food, clothing and shelter. Help them in other ways but do not encourage laziness.

6. Never give a bribe or take a bribe. Do not yield to corruption.

7. Curb envy and jealousy; expand your vision and outlook; treat all equally regardless of caste and creed.

8. Do as much as possible by yourself though wealthy and having servants. Do service to society in person.

9. Have and cultivate love for God and fear sin. Abhor sin.

10. Never go against the law of the land. Follow these diligently both in word and in spirit.


Every man is engaged in searching for something lost. Life is the chance afforded to him to recover the peace and the joy that he had lost, when last he was here. If he recovers them now, he need not come again. But, he loses them through ignorance of their value and of the means of retaining them. If only he would stay in the consciousness of Shivoham ... "I am Shiva; I am immortal, I am the source and spring of Bliss" ... he would be supremely content; but, instead of this correct evaluation of himself, this recognition of his innate reality, man goes about weeping at his helplessness, his inadequacy, his poverty, his evanescence. This is the tragic tale from which man has to be rescued.

Sacrifice, so that you may be saved. You have to sacrifice, not a bleating sheep or a horse or a cow, but your animality, the bestial lust and greed, hate and malice. Sacrifice these and you earn the heaven of unflinching peace. Killing a sheep is a cheap trick, which will not deceive anyone; for, you are asked to kill the sheep inside you, the cowardly beast that revels in the mass and perpetrates mob fury in blind anger.

Limit, control, regulate, set bounds and bunds; that is the way to succeed. If people let loose their thoughts, words and deeds, calamity will be the consequence. Shastra means that which 'lays down limits'; interest in the art of living is created by these rules. Imagine a game of football which has no rules: the ball is never 'out'; there is no foul, no corner, no offside, no hands, nothing by which you can decide who plays well or ill, who wins or loses. The game will lose all zest; it will be pandemonium, a free fight. Rules of behaviour must be observed by politicians, rulers, subjects, monks, who are leaders of the community and heads of monasteries, scholars and others, for they are exemplars and guides and their responsibilities are greater.

The eye scatters your vision in a hundred directions; the ear drags your mind to many false melodies; the hands hanker after a hundred flimsy acts. They degrade and demolish man. Man being divine must have the divine all around him all the time, in order to be alive; like fish, he must have the water of divine joy all around him.

Above all, recognise this truth - Sai is in all. When you hate another, you are hating Sai; when you hate Sai, you are hating yourself. When you inflict pain on another, remember that the other is yourself, in another form, with another name. Envy causes pain on those who are envied. When another's fortune is green, why should your eyes be red? Why get wild when another eats his fill? Give up this vice of envy; be happy when another is happy. That is more pleasing to the Lord than all the mantras you recite, or all the flowers you heap on His picture or image, or even the hours you spend in repeating the Name or meditation. (231165)

Your behaviour and character are very important and these should be reflected in your adherence to discipline and good manners. Today, the nation is in turmoil due to lack of discipline. You should follow the maxim: "Help ever; Hurt never." (110494)


Members of Sai Organisations should cultivate certain desirable practices. For instance, they should regulate their diet, because one's food influences one's thoughts. Smoking and intoxicating drinks have to be given up. They are ruinous for the health. meat-eating should also be given up because eating animal food promotes animal tendencies. The fourth evil that has to be got rid of is gambling. Those who take to the Spiritual path should avoid as much as possible these four bad practices. It is sinful to slaughter poor animals for one's food. Sai members should follow this motto: Help Ever; Hurt Never. There is no meaning in professing to respect human values without observing the rule that you should cause no harm to others in any form whatsoever. (211195)

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