"The Touch of the Lord"
First published in May 1999.

It describes the lives of the O'Brien twins, "The Pink Twins", and the amazing story of SWARA - the Sunshine Welfare and Rehabilitation Association - which they established after they retired to assist severely disabled people .

Dorothy and Moyia O'Brien are 80 year old identical twins
who live in Brisbane, Australia.
Ever since they were small children they have believed that God is love and that goodness and love are to be found in every person.

After living full lives as occupational therapists, they retired and immediately established SWARA, which provides meaningful work and education for hundreds of severely disabled people of all ages.
They have directed SWARA for the last 25 years based on the principle that God is within everyone and that every person has a wonderful Divine potential eager to be expressed.  The love and joy that flows out through the Twins' autobiography has profoundly moved and inspired many people who have read their story.  The reading of their lives is an absorbing and uplifting experience.

The real miracle is how can two elderly ladies, both severely hampered in their own mobility, manage to run a workplace for over 200 mentally and physically disabled people, on 2 hectares of derelict government land in the centre of Brisbane with only dedicated volunteers and no paid employees under the constant threat of eviction?

Howard Murphett, the renowned author of "Sai Baba: Man of Miracles", "Sai Baba Avatar" and "Sai Baba: Invitation to Glory" writes in the forward -

During the 18 years since I have met them, something special has grown in my heart for the unique twins Dorothy and Moyia O'Brien.  This something seems to be a mixture of spiritual love, great admiration and a special respect. 

The years too have spread their name and fame throughout the large and growing Sai Organisation in Australia; they are generally known as the "Pink Twins", a name which Sai Baba Himself often uses for them.  The reason for this is that they usually dress in pink - a simple enough reason, yet pink, the colour of love and light, seems to be specially fitting and appropriate.

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